How To Win With Your Smartphone In Every Situation

February 28, 2018

Today’s smartphones are pretty incredible. While selfies are great, and Flappy Bird introduced an entirely new level of frustration to our lives, there are plenty of other amazing things that can be done with our constant – and fragile – companions. Here’s the latest.

How To Win With Your Smartphone In Every Situation

Find Your Keys

Lost keys don’t seem like a big deal, but only until they’re lost. When they’re lost, you’re already late for work, the kids are late for school and while you don’t know it yet, you’re about to get a flat tire on the highway. That’s just how these things go.

Tile is the Superman of lost keys. Simply attach the device to your keychain and, when it’s inevitably lost, let your smartphone do the rest. All you need to do is click ‘find’ and, like magic, they’re found.

With a range of over 150 feet, a sensor that informs you of your distance from the keys, a battery life of six months per charge and an audio setting for the visually impaired, Tile’s got you covered six ways from Sunday.

Pay Money

Cash and cards are becoming ancient history (we’re not even going to get into checks) – paying via mobile is the way of the future. Services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are going to play a big role in our financial futures, but until the major players learn to get along, that day isn’t coming anytime soon.

How To Win With Your Smartphone In Every Situation

Fortunately, retailers can take the first step. Some services will let you open – and close – a tab with your smartphone. No more waiting for the server to see your waving hand while the cab waits outside, just click, pay, and go. The future is looking pretty good.

Wait, What Did He Just Say?

Ever fail to understand something someone said, but instead of asking for a repeat you just nodded and smiled? No more. Heard runs continuously in the background and captures the last five minutes of audio in your life. Just hit the big button and it’s saved to a file.

There are more practical uses, too. Kids say something cute? Save it. Someone say something hilarious? Save it. Harassed by a co-worker? Definitely save it! Heard’s website even recommends it for spousal disputes, so you can catch that cheating bastard’s confession and save it for the judge.


The sounds around you can sometimes be important. Sirens, shouts and oncoming trains, to name a few. Thing is, headphones are made to block out those sounds so you can jam out to some tunes. That’s all well and good, but you should probably know about that train.

How To Win With Your Smartphone In Every Situation

Awareness is an app that alerts you to noises that rise noticeably above the ambient soundscape around you. You can keep your headphones on without worrying about those, “did I just hear something?” moments – Heard will let you know exactly when they occur.

Home Improvement

Your smartphone just might end up being more helpful than your kids when you’re hanging a picture, renovating the bathroom or doing any other handyman-type things. It can be a magnetic stud finder, using the location of nails and screws to identify the location of studs behind the wall, a level, or even a colour matcher.

That’s right, there are oodles of apps that are great for taking an image of a colour and matching it to a paint colour – they can even recommend other colours to complement your choice. Major paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr all have apps to help you find your perfect shade.

As you can see, that’s a powerful little piece of technology you’ve got in your pocket or your purse, and the best part of it all is that they’re only getting better. Smartphones are used by everyone these days, students especially like them, business people as well. Remember the brick-like phones of 15 years ago? This is how far we’ve come, and the future is looking brighter than ever.