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May 27, 2018

If you have any interest in history at all, you will want to check out It is much more than just an extension of the History Channel. Not only will you find the TV schedule for the History Channel and more information on your favorite shows, you will find a wide selection of merchandise, educational information suitable for use in the classroom, as well as games. In addition, you can view video segments in broadband, take history quizzes, learn more about your favorite historical events and people, as well as sign up for a free issue of the History Channel magazine.

For the history buff in your family, you can find a wide-range of gifts on that will surely please. Not only do they have a wide offering of their programming on DVD, you can also purchase history-based games (even for Play Station II) and DVDs suitable for the classroom. In addition, their DVD collection greatly expands upon their programming. For example, you can purchase a Women In History DVD set that includes programming originally aired on the Biography channel.

Website Review -

If you are continually trying to glimpse different parts of a series, for example one of the many segments on The Presidents, you can simply purchase the entire series on DVD on the History Channel website. From time to time, they will package various shows together surrounding a topic. For example, you can a DVD set that discusses the impact of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. No matter what historical topic you are searching for currently, it is likely that you will be able to find a DVD collection discussing it on

In addition to the History Channel shop, you can also watch target segments from various History Channel shows. These clips are insightful and normally tie in to events that have taken place during a specific month or pertain to certain holidays. For example, during the month of February, clips pertaining to Black History Month and the lives of Presidents are shown (in honor of President’s Day).

Even with all of these great main features, the History Channel website has some great tools that are just fun. For example, you can look up any date in history and the website will provide you with information on exactly what occurred on that day in history. You can also click on “This Day in History” in order to learn the historical significance of any day.

As mentioned earlier, shopping on the website is easier. However, they decided to make it even easier by providing a tool that will suggest gifts based on relationship and price range. It has never been easier to pick out a gift for your Dad, who happens to be a history buff or something for you to pass your college history class. If you have ever enjoyed a History Channel program, you will surely want to purchase something.

No matter what era of history fascinates you most, there is always something to learn at Never before has it been so easy to learn about history and have fund at the same time. If you are a history teacher, there are a lot of great resources for your students.